Ninja Express

Are you in urgent need of something no one could possibly deliver to you? You need Ninja Express! Place your order and the Three Little Ninjas will bend space and time to locate anything you want.

The Yellow Ninja has the incredible power to see through space and time. Imagine you wanted to have a dinosaur delivered to your door. Using his power, Yellow can spot exactly where and when to find a dinosaur. But getting to this dinosaur ... means time traveling! That’s science fiction! No, this is where The Blue Ninja comes in! Blue has the power to travel through space and time and reach that much-needed dinosaur. And in order to literally deliver that dinosaur to your apartment on the 25th floor, the Red Ninja comes in very handy. Red has the power to temporarily reduce the size of any object by inhaling its mass.

- Format: 52 episodes x 11 minutes
- Technique: Hybrid 2D/3D
- Years in production: 2018 - 2021
- Director: François Reczulski
- Author & Co-Director: Kim Claeys
- Genre: Cartoon
- Target: 4 - 8 years
- Co-Producers: Frog Box S.A.S, Creative Conspiracy
- Distribution: Entertainment One UK Limited
- Main Broadcasters: Gulli, B.B.C., Boomerang, V.R.T., Huace
- Contact: