Ricky Zoom - Season 2

Wheel it in and join Ricky and the Bike Buddies in all-new bike-based adventures! Together with his best friends Loop, Scootio, and DJ, Ricky is ready to rescue any bike in need; aided by new rescue gear, the gang can tackle challenges big or small as they ride around Wheelford. Along with new friends, Troy and Ashley, the Bike Buddies put their best wheel first as they zoom faster, discover new places, and learn all the latest stunts from Steel Awesome and his Awesome Stunt Rider!

- Format: 52 episodes x 11 minutes
- Years in production: 2019 – 2021
- Author: Alexandre Bar
- Literary Bible: Robert Vargas
- Director: Romain Villemaine
- Genre: Action, Comedy
- Target: Preschool
- Co-Producers: Frog Box S.A.S, Maga Animation Studio
- Distribution: Entertainment One UK Limited
- First Broadcasters: Gulli, R.A.I., Discovery Latin America
- Contact: contentsales@entonegroup.com