Ricky Zoom - Season 1

In a world populated exclusively by motorcycles, the city of Wheelford is tailor-made for them because, in Wheelford, motorcycles are people! And just like humans, motorcycles of all ages come in different shapes, sizes and colors that make up Wheelford's diverse and colorful population.

Seven year-old Ricky, the little red motorbike, is still too young to become a rescue bike like his parents, but that won’t stop him from trying! Whatever obstacle he faces, nothing can resist his enthusiasm, and Ricky is always down to take on any challenge at full throttle. Leading his group of friends, Ricky ventures where no other bike has yet dared to go ... and sometimes, where a young bike like himself, who still has a lot to learn, shouldn't go at all!

A born leader, Ricky shares every adventure and experience with his friends, a group of enthusiastic young motorcycles. While each of them has their own character and personality, they are still the best friends ever, even when they’re not convinced by Ricky's undertakings. So much so that you will rarely see any one of them without the other three.

Because for Ricky, Scootio, Loop and DJ, life in Wheelford is Zoomtastic and filled with adrenaline.

- Format: 52 épisodes x 11 minutes
- Years in production: 2017 – 2019
- Author: Alexandre Bar
- Literary Bible: Robert Vargas
- Director: Romain Villemaine
- Genre: Action, Comedy
- Target: Preschool
- Co-Producers: Frog Box S.A.S, Maga Animation Studio
- Distribution: Entertainment One UK Limited
- First Broadcasters: Gulli, R.A.I., Discovery Latin America
- Contact: contentsales@entonegroup.com