PJMASKS - Season 5

In S4, the PJMasks met new villains, the mean-spirited octopus girl Octobella and the haughty Pharaoh Boy. They also had to deal with the trickster Munki-Gu, a monkey from Mystery Mountain; and they made an awesome new hero friend, Newton, with his incredible space powers.

In S5, our young heroes will encounter more new villains: Orticia, a strange girl who makes spooky plants grow; Pirate Robot, a little robot who is programmed to carry out acts of piracy: “yo ho ho and a bottle of engine oil!”.

The PJMasks will tackle these two and all our regular villains too: Luna, Romeo, Night Ninja, Octobella, Pharaoh Boy. They will deepen their friendship with Newton in Space, and An Yu on Mystery Mountain. But most of all they will discover more about their animal powers. When new alien mechanic villains Carly and Cartoka steal our heroes’ beloved vehicles, the PJ Masks connect with the magic HQ crystal which gives them power - and it provides them with huge spirit animals to ride in, a dragon for Gekko, an owl for Owlette, a tiger for Catboy. On these incredible animals, the PJ Masks will carry on their adventures through the series - triumphantly recovering their vehicles and much else besides!

- Format: 52 episodes x 11 minutes
- Technique: CGI
- Years in production: 2019 – 2021
- Author: Romuald Racioppo
- Director: Christian De Vita
- Genres: Superheroes, Actions, Comedy
- Target: Preschool
- Co-Producers: Frog Box S.A.S., Walt Disney EMEA Production Limited
- Distribution: Entertainment One UK Limited
- Main Broadcasters: France 5, Disney Junior US,
Disney Télévision (France)
- Contact : contentsales@entonegroup.com