PJMASKS - Season 2

Remember: thanks to their magical pyjamas, Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu have superpowers! They venture into the night to save the world from little "villains" with vivid imaginations. Nothing can stop them: Yoyo, quick as lightning, leaps like a cat; Bibou has a sharp eyesight and flies like an owl; and Gluglu, thanks to his mega-muscles, can run up to the ceiling like a gecko!

They need a lot of strategy and team spirit to succeed in their missions and restore peace to their sleeping city.

Yoyo, Bibou and Gluglu return in Season 2 to solve some more mysteries and prevent the "villains" from bringing more chaos to the city and beyond. All the key-elements of Season 1 are still here, but the world of PJMasks is growing. With new characters (Pyja-Robot, playful Werewolves and a beefy Armadillo) and in new places (the Moon, a mysterious mountain, an underwater world), our three heroes travel to new worlds for some fun and thrilling adventures!

A return trip to the Moon to visit Sorceline's palace, the source of all her power, the discovery of a secret door hidden in an alleyway and leading to the mysterious mountain, and a new ally, PJ Robot, who unveils new super powers, enrich the world of this new season of PJ Mas

- Format: 52 x 11 minutes
- Technique: CGI
- Years in production: 2017 – 2019
- Author: Romuald Racioppo
- Director: Christian De Vita
- Genres: Superheroes, Actions, Comedy
- Target: Preschool
- Co-Producers: Frog Box S.A.S., Walt Disney EMEA Production Limited
- Distribution: Entertainment One UK Limited
- Main Broadcasters: France 5, Disney Junior US,
Disney Télévision (France)
- Contact : contentsales@entonegroup.com